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What Our Team Loves About Dr. Sadineni

IT’S SO GREAT TO GET UP each day, go to work, and be part of something great—a dental practice that truly cares about our patients. We love helping people smile with confidence. Most importantly, we value the relationships we build with you—and with other team members.

That’s why we’re so grateful for the person who makes it all possible, Dr. Sadineni.

Why We Love Dr. Sadineni

As a little surprise to Dr. Sadineni we wanted to show our appreciation! We asked team members to comment with a favorite memory about her, or something about why they love working with our fearless leader!

Ashley (Office Manager)

I love that she truly cares about all of her patients and her team and goes above and beyond to give the best possible care.

Shilpa (Patient Coordinator)

I love her generosity. Her hard work and passion to do her best by always attending continuing education courses and having the latest technology! She is always available for any emergency patients at any time of the day!

Natalie (Dental Hygienist)

I love that Dr. Sadineni has a great sense of humor and is very good with children of all ages. She is very quick and thorough and really takes care of the patients!

Lindsey (Dental Assistant)

I love that she treats us as equals and is very kind. She is a pleasure to work with and I enjoy coming to work everyday!

Cindy (Dental Assistant)

Dr. Sadineni provides top of the line quality care for the patients here at Dublin Metro Dental. She is proficient, providing excellent care and is always aware of patients time management.

Thanks for all you do, Dr. Sadineni!

To Our Patients…

Do you have something to add? Any special experiences that you’ve had with Dr. Sadineni? Please add your own comments below!


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