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We Use OralDNA For Customized Periodontal Treatment

FIRST DEVELOPED IN 2008, OralDNA provides an effective new way to obtain precise information about periodontal disease which allows a more accurate diagnosis. Which, in turn, helps us to provide a more effective treatment.

We Use OralDNA To Help You

At Dublin Metro Dental Dr. Sadineni uses clinical laboratory services from OralDNA Labs to ensure we are giving our patients the best oral health information possible. Using these tests we are able to determine the most effective course of action for each individual affected with gum disease or considering an oral implant. Each plan of action is unique to the patient.

OralDNA Labs is a specialty diagnostics company designed to provide reliable, definitive and cost effective clinical tests that guide oral health professionals in detecting and prognosing disease at an earlier, more treatable stage.

What Is Periodontal Disease?

Periodontal disease (gum disease) is a chronic inflammatory disease which—left untreated—can lead to tooth loss. Periodontal disease is caused by the bacteria in plaque deteriorating the bone and connective tissue holding your teeth in place.

Symptoms include:

  • tender, bleeding, or receding gums
  • formation of deep pockets between teeth and gums
  • loose teeth
  • persistent bad breath
  • shifts in your bite

OralDNA Tests

OralDNA tests are two simple swish-and-spit tests for periodontal disease: MyPerioID and MyPerioPath.

1. MyPerioID

This test identifies your genetic risk level for periodontal infection or disease.

2. MyPerioPath

This test measures the type and amount of the harmful bacteria known to cause periodontal disease.

How OralDNA Works

Why We Use OralDNA

Dr. Sadineni, Dublin, Ohio dentist may suggest the simple salivary test on the bacteria in your mouth for one of several reasons.

  • Obtain a baseline of your oral health
  • Clinical signs of gingivitis are seen
  • Clinical signs of periodontitis are seen
  • To determine your genetic susceptibility for periodontal disease
  • You have a family history of periodontal disease
  • You have a history of periodontal disease or treatment

Let’s Visit…

Even if you aren’t currently experiencing symptoms of gingivitis or periodontal disease, it is helpful to know how susceptible you are to periodontal disease. This information enables us to give you the most effective treatment.

Interested in getting your own report? Contact us! And let us know if you have any questions about this exciting new area of preventative care.


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