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We Love What We Do!

WE LOVE OUR PATIENTS! During each visit, we have the opportunity to not only treat your smile, but also to get to know you a little bit better.

This month, we want to give you the same opportunity! We’d like to share with you why we love our job.

What We Love About Our Job

From Dr. Sadineni, Dentist: Dentistry is my passion! I enjoy interacting with people and giving back to my community. I get to perform many different procedures throughout the day and it warms my heart knowing that I am making a difference in each patient’s life through their oral healthcare. I am always willing to enhance my skills through my continuing education classes. I am blessed with a great team that supports me each and everyday. The satisfaction I get everyday helping people is beyond imagination.

From Lauren, Dental Assistant: I love my job and what I do because of the people who surround me. Not only because of the great team, but patients as well Everyday I am growing and leaning new things!

From Lindsay, Dental Assistant: Helping people is why I got into dentistry. I love how a patient feels when their smile has been improved or fixed. The relationships with the patients and my co-workers make my job amazing!

From Natalie, Dental Hygienist/EFDA: I love what I do because I love bringing confidence to people about their smiles. I love making people feel better about their teeth and educating them on their over all health through dentistry.

From Marsha, Dental Hygienist/EFDA: I love the team I get to work with everyday. Everyone here respects each other which is reflected in our patient care. I love being a dental hygienist. It challenges me to learn everyday. Helping and educating people is what make me passionate about my career.

From Ashley, Office Manager: I love working at Dublin Metro Dental! I enjoy working with all our wonderful patients and helping them with any needs they may have related to their dental health. It also helps to have a great team that works well together to make sure every patient gets the very best care from start to finish.

From Shilpa, Treatment Plan Coordinator: I love doing what I am best at–interacting with patients, understanding their needs, working out finances and putting smiles back on their faces. This motivates me each and everyday and I love my job!

From Haley, Patient Coordinator: I love coming into work everyday knowing that we are making a difference for each and every patient that we see! I thoroughly enjoy talking with each patient, coordinating with their schedules to find the best possible time to get them in to see our Doctor and Team! Seeing patients leave our office with smiles on their faces makes me know that we are giving excellent patient car from start to finish!

Our jobs make us this happy:

Thank You For Lightening Up Each Day!

Sincerely, we believe we have the greatest patients we could ever ask for. Seeing your friendly faces each day is a joy and we love each opportunity we have to visit with you. If you have a question for one of our team members or would like to share a positive experience you’ve had in our office leave a comment below or on our Facebook page! We’d love to hear from you.

We love our job and we love our patients!

Top image by Flickr user Ting W. Chang used under Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 4.0 license. Image cropped and modified from original.
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