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Big Plans Deserve Bright White Smiles

IT’S THE SEASON for graduations, reunions, vacations, and weddings! And that means LOTS of photographs. Are you ready? Whether you’re in the wedding party, a parent to the bride or groom, or just prepping yourself to see old friends, you want to look your best for all those photos.

Your Smile Is The FIRST Thing People Notice

While you’re shopping for the perfect dress, or weighing in at the gym, consider this:

  • Most people list a smile as the FIRST thing they notice about a person.
  • 96% of adults believe an attractive smile makes you more appealing to the opposite sex.
  • Since yellowing teeth are a sign of age, whitening is one of the quickest, most effective ways to look and feel younger.

The good news is that we offer great whitening options for our patients.

We Offer An In-Office Opalescence Whitening System

To help patients achieve a beautifully white smile, Dr. Sadineni at Dublin Metro Dental Group features in-office Opalescence whitening system, which can leave teeth dramatically whiter after just one hour.

In the teeth whitening procedure, a whitening gel is applied to the enamel of the teeth; then a special low-energy blue light is used to activate the gel to eliminate stains and discoloration. After performing three 15-minute sessions with the gel and the light, our dentists apply a five-minute fluoride treatment to protect your teeth. Check our patient Whitening Results at

There Are Many Benefits Of This System

Tooth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedures for lightening teeth stained by tobacco, tea, coffee and other foods can leave behind ugly stains on a tooth, making our smiles dull and lackluster. We all feel more attractive and confident when our teeth are sparkling white. In-office tooth whitening is a revolutionary new way to whiten and brighten teeth in just one brief office visit. We offer both in-office and at-home teeth whitening to our patients.

Your Gorgeous White Smile Also Helps Children In Need

Your timing is perfect, because this spring, we’re doing our Smiles For Life Campaign! When you get your smile whitened you also help children locally and around the world.

Here’s How It Works:

Help More Kids By Helping Us Spread The Word!

Whether you choose to have your own smile whitened or not, you can make a HUGE difference for seriously ill and underserved children around the world by simply sharing this opportunity on your trusted social networks such as Facebook!

Thanks for helping us make a difference in children’s lives!


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