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Back To School Time? Don’t Forget Dental Checkups

TOOTH DECAY IS THE #1 CHRONIC DISEASE IN CHILDREN. It’s estimated that 40% of children have some form of tooth decay before they even reach kindergarten. Alarming, isn’t it? But SO much of the problem is preventable through routine hygiene appointments.

What Should You Expect From The Checkup?

During your kids dental checkup, Dr. Sadineni Dublin Ohio Dentist will review your kids dental and medical history, examine your kid’s teeth, jaws, and oral tissue, clean and polish your kid’s teeth and then apply a fluoride solution.

Make a dental check up part of your kid’s preparations for a new school year. Oral health is an important part of overall physical health.

We Love Seeing Our Young Patients

Dr. Sadineni and her staff are proud to offer dental treatment to patients of all ages, especially children. The best way to prevent dental problems in later life is childhood treatment. Pediatric dentistry requires a gentle hand and a friendly, fun approach to dental health.

Dr. Sadineni pediatric dentist will gently examine the child’s teeth and gums. She also may take digital X-rays to be certain that your child’s teeth are growing properly.

Dr. Sadineni can determine if orthodontic care is required and help you to choose a financing option that will bring a smile to you and your child.

Add Dental Checkups To Your Back-To-School Checklist

Don’t wait until there’s a problem—even if your child isn’t complaining about discomfort. Tooth pain doesn’t usually exist until decay reaches the tooth’s pulp. At that point, it’s probably advanced and may require more extensive treatment. Good preventive treatment happens BEFORE there’s pain.

Help Set Your Child’s Great Oral Health Habits Now!

When you take an active role in your child’s oral health, you do a lot more than care for his or her teeth. You help your child develop habits that will positively shape overall health for life… Habits that will likely be passed down to your posterity as well.

Some great tips for kids in keeping their mouths fresh and clean during the school year are:

  1. Always brush your teeth after lunch- make it a point to keep a toothbrush in your desk or in your backpack.
  2. Floss twice daily- especially before bed so that food does not have a chance to damage your teeth during the night.
  3. Encourage your children to eat regular, nutritious meals and avoid frequent in-between meal snacking.
  4. Use a fluoride toothpaste to help keep teeth strong.

To schedule your child’s back-to-school examination, call now to request an appointment.

Have a great school year!


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