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A Periodontal Cleaning Can Get Your Dental Health Back On Track

HAVE YOU BEEN DIAGNOSED with gum disease? Concerned? Don’t be. We can help. With thoughtful treatment and careful maintenance we can correct the problem and protect your healthy smile.

Depending on your individual condition and needs, we may recommend a treatment that’s known by several different names. It’s sometimes called “root planing and scaling”, or a “periodontal cleaning”, or “deep cleaning.”

The Problem:

  • A bacterial infection has become too “set-in” to be remedied by a routine cleaning.
  • Plaque has solidified into calculus deposits that are sitting under the surface of your gums and continue to irritate the gums and spread infection.

The Solution:

  • Removing the calculus from below the gum line, using special tools.
  • Smoothing the root surfaces to be sure plaque can’t continue to get traction.
  • Once the plaque and calculus are removed, your gums can finally heal.

Gum Disease Treatment May Require Some Follow-Up Maintenance And Monitoring

Remember that after we’ve completed treatment, there may be additional maintenance necessary. More frequent cleanings will help protect your recovering gums and allow us to monitor your progress.

Set Up A Plan To Get Your Oral Health Back On Track

Each case of gum disease is different. If the infection is extensive, you may need additional help. But whatever the case, we can discuss your options and help you with a plan to regain control of your oral health.

A Simple Video Explanation:

We Have Experience Treating Gum Disease

Dr. Sadineni attended nationally recognized 3 years post graduate program in Contemporary Esthetic Dentistry at University of Minnesota, where she received hands on training in treating patients with periodontal diseases.

Dr. Sadineni has over 17 years of experience in Cosmetic, General and Implant Dentistry, and completed more than 1,800 hours of continuing dental education, including 950 hours dedicated to hands-on skills and techniques. Dr. Sadineni is trained to use the most technologically advanced dental equipment – helping to eliminate the pain and discomfort associated with traditional dentistry.

Dr. Sadineni treats patients with periodontal diseases. The main goal of treatment is to control the infection. The  treatment will vary depending on the extent of the gum disease. Dr. Sadineni Dublin Ohio Dentist refers patients to Periodontist if she thinks it require surgical treatment. Any type of treatment requires that the patient keep up good daily care at home.

Don’t put it off any longer! Talk to us today about your options.

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